Blending Social Signals and New SEO

Since more and more companies have taken to the internet to do business, marketing and SEO continue to change. Throughout all of this social media and social signals are changing every day and gaining in importance. You should not ignore this because the way to do business on the web is not staying the same. These days you have to be mindful of the tweets of users, their reviews and user engagement. These are some of the things being said about social signals and the new SEO.

With everything that has happened as a result of Google’s penguin update, you have to know that nothing has remained the same. Please understand that only a few things stayed the same, but the way the social signals relate to SEO have changed the most. When you think about it, all the tools and resources are the same when you set Google aside. Also, remember that people and other traffic does tend to control things. The average person is sick of hearing about Twitter and Facebook, but they are still at the very top when it comes to social media. Even though it does not get as much attention as Twitter and Facebook, Yelp is also a very popular site. What users do on those sites and others is express themselves. This is not something that begin overnight, but it sure satisfies Google.

Smart bloggers have put social widgets on their websites. You can do more than just add buttons by putting activity feeds and popular posts on your blog. You might have analytics for your overall visitors, but does this track your social media visitors? This is a necessity so that you can monitor the flow of social media traffic to and from your site. If social media widgets are missing from your blog, then you must add them ASAP! Bloggers with good traffic routinely mention how much increased traffic they get after adding them.

If using Twitter paid ads for getting visitors to come to your site seems unfamiliar, then understand that it is easy to do. Remember to set up a budget for the day and pick the right keywords. You just need to tweet to the right Twitter market. Twitter has a feature called promoted tweets, and it’s exactly as the name suggests. You can leverage this app and then produce promoted tweets.

You can do this with Facebook as well. You can use Facebook and other sites to your advantage in order to create an email list, marketing list or branding. Avoid trying to make a direct sale at Facebook because it’s really not as effective as it was in the past. Social signals hadn’t even been discovered at this time last year. It has always been known that social media marketing and SEO run hand in hand. The fabric that binds them has become tighter, and now you must leverage social signals for ranking and traffic.